Roast pork with bread dumplings and vegetables
A leg of goose in a cast-iron pan with red cabbage
Seasonal specialities of traditional Austrian cuisine in Trattlers Einkehr
Bread dumplings with beef goulash on a white plate
Enjoy the traditional Austrian specialities
Steak on a plate with potatoes, a mushroom and watercress.
The best meat from local suppliers.
Brettljause and beer stands on a table in a guest garden.
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Every month you can look forward to an enjoyable focus from our Culinary Calendar

January 2024 "From nose to tail" & "Leaf to root"
Febrary 2024 Delicacies from the Carinthian lakes
March 2024 Carinthian poultry specialties
April 2024 Vital cuisine
May 2024 Carinthian asparagus variants
June 2024 Sun-ripened berries from the forest and our garden
July 2024 Barbecue time at the chalet
August 2024 Mushroom enjoyment
September 2024 Carinthian meat specialities
October 2024 Local specialties from cabbage & Ruabn, truffle & game
November 2024 Carinthian organic free-range goose
December 2024 Christmas specialties from meat, fish and vegetables

Winemakers in the mountain & Fine dining evenings

Experience delicious cuisine & exquisite wines at Winemakers on the mountain or at Fine dining evenings. Indulge yourself and enjoy Carinthian Slow Food cuisine at its finest.