Brettljause and beer stands on a table in a guest garden.
Roast pork with bread dumplings and vegetables
Table reservation

Every month you can look forward to an enjoyable focus from our Culinary Calendar

January 2023 "From nose to tail" & "Leaf to root"
Febrary 2023 Delicacies from the Carinthian lakes
March 2023 Carinthian poultry specialties
April 2023 Vital cuisine
May 2023 Carinthian asparagus variants
June 2023 Sun-ripened berries from the forest and our garden
July 2023 Barbecue time at the chalet
August 2023 Mushroom enjoyment
September 2023 Carinthian meat specialities
October 2023 Local specialties from cabbage & Ruabn, truffle & game
November 2023 Carinthian organic free-range goose
December 2023 Christmas specialties from meat, fish and vegetables