Culinary specialties at Trattler's Einkehr.
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Regional fish is prepared on a plate and eaten immediately.
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Fine dining evenings at Trattlers Einkehr

For keen foodies and connoisseurs, the delightful resort of Bad Kleinkirchheim offers an array of indulgent culinary experiences. It’s no coincidence that this idyllic little town in sunny Carinthia is known as a ‘Genussregion’ – a top culinary destination. Foodies will be in seventh heaven from 21 September to 13 October 2024 at Trattlers Einkehr.

Fine dining since 1642

”Carinthian wine meets Carinthian cheese”, “Cured and smoked specialities” and “Game from the forests, fish from the lake” – these are just a few of the themes for our fine dining evenings at Trattlers Einkehr, where the finest Carinthian produce from top local suppliers are prepared by our skilled chefs. These evenings of indulgence take place every Friday and Saturday from 21 September to 13 October, each with a unique theme. You are warmly invited to join us and savour a range of dishes made from the finest Carinthian ingredients.

Roast pork with onions, sauce and vegetables on a plate.
The Trattlerhof's exciting menus feature the finest local ingredients.

"Kärntner Wein trifft Kärntner Kas"


"Vom Reh zum See"


"Kärntner Korn, Kraut & Ruabn"


"Feines aus Rauchkuchl & Selch"

Enjoy the 5-course menu, accompanied by a wine tour commented by the winemaker.

€ 84,-- per person for the menu

€ 35,-- per person for the wine pairing

”We’ve been cooking for our guests since 1642, so we know what we’re doing.”

To accompany our superb meals, we serve the finest wines from countless renowned winemakers, all personally tasted and selected by the Trattlerhof staff.

”Guests at the inn certainly approved of our offerings back in 1757, when we served no fewer than 1,500 litres of wine in the space of six months.”

Skin-on fish on a bed of vegetables and lettuce leaves.
Indulge in superb cuisine on fine dining evenings at the Trattlerhof.

One culinary delight after another

We believe that when it comes to culinary indulgence and feasting, you can’t have too much of a good thing. Every Saturday from 2pm, the local farmers market offers regional products and the finest dishes from Carinthian producers, and makes for a fun and delicious afternoon. Soak up the laid-back atmosphere and sample a plethora of Carinthian specialities here, to the strains of music. And if you want to carry the flavours of Carinthia back home with you, be sure to stock up on scrumptious treats from the market.

”The Trattlerhof’s fine dining evenings take place after the farmers market, so you can dedicate a whole day to sampling delicious food.”

Reserve a table now or call us +43 (0) 4240 8114 to attend fine dining evenings at Trattlers Einkehr.