5-person family portrait of the Forstnig family, owners of the Trattlerhof.
The hosts of the Trattlerhof sit at a table and raise their glasses to toast.
Table reservation

Born to be a host…

… at the Trattlerhof for five generations. It won’t be long before the Forstnig family will be able to celebrate its 140th anniversary as hosts of the Hotel GUT Trattlerhof**** & the Trattlers Hof-Chalets in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Carinthia. It’s a story full of passion, acclaim and a generous dash of Carinthian charm. And it’s those very qualities that the Forstnigs celebrate day in, day out, with the very core of their being. That’s what makes the traditional GUTshof the ultimate feel-good place for guests and employees alike..  


„We’ve been honing our hosting skills for almost 400 years. We’d say it’s going pretty well!“


Treasured traces of a storied past combined with a future-forward approach

The passion invested here by Jakob V Forstnig and his family from the very beginning is evident from the first second of your holiday at the Hotel GUT Trattlerhof****. The Forstnig family combines old and new to perfection, and you’ll see evidence of that love and connection in every little detail of the radition-steeped history of the estate. Yet the family has a clear-sighted, innovative vision of a sustainable future, too. The Hotel GUT Trattlerhof**** & Chalets have been carbon-neutral since 2014, so Trattlerhof guests can enjoy their break amid beautiful natural surroundings with a clear conscience,“ – says Jakob Forstnig V.

„It’s wonderful when the past and present dovetail as perfectly as they do at the Trattlerhof, a traditional establishment that welcomes modernity and fresh ideas with open arms.”

A young cook is standing in the kitchen cutting vegetables.
Dynamic and appreciative team at Trattler's Retreat.
The Trattlerhof team stands on a raft by the lake and forms a circle embracing each other.
The Trattlerhof team pulls together to offer you a perfect stay.

An atmosphere borne of appreciation and mutual respect

At the GUTshof, everyone pulls together, and you can really feel it. It’s no wonder that guests and employees alike feel so at home here. Our ethos of mutual appreciation and respect, openness and plenty of passion make this traditional, family-run establishment a feel-good place for everyone. By lifting each other up, we make this the wonderful place that it is.

„And when we start singing, you can hear just how harmonious life at the GUTshof is.“

Friendly Trattlerhof employees

The Hotel GUT Trattlerhof**** & Chalets and the Trattlers Einkehr are entirely family-run, but we see that family as more than just the Forstnigs. The GUTshof family includes every single member of our skilled, down-to-earth staff. A great atmosphere, authentic conviviality and an uncompromising dedication to great service keep everything running smoothly at the GUTshof and ensure that everyone has a brilliant time together here.

You can only manage such an amazing hotel and keep on making it even better through the combined efforts of an incredible team and their absolute dedication to each and every guest.“Jakob Forstnig

The team of Trattlers Einkehr is looking forward to your coming and will do their best to make your stay unique. Book your table at Trattlers Einkehr now.